Outsourcing - customizing

Packaging is often as important as its content. Packaging provides the first customer experience and often forms the customer's fixed opinion about your company.
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Manufacturing of packaging

We manufacture all types of packagings from cardboard, solid paper board and from single-face, single-wall, and double-wall corrugated board.
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Manufacturing of labels

Labeling of transport packagings plays a very important role in organization and techniques of transport processes.
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Briefly about us

Our company has been present in the market since 2007, but a majority of our managers have been gaining experience in the printing and co-packing industries. Since the very beginning, we have focused on broadly defined packing and customizing of products.
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Special packing

It offers high quality tableting, encapsulating, packing, and labeling services.
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Fulfillment - services to mail order houses

Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to our customers in their marketing, sales, and broadly defined logistics operations. We approach each project differently and our professional team provides advice at each stage of brand and image building.
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CPI's Quality Assurance Department controls proper performance and compliance of our work with the documentation and specifications provided by our customers. It enforces applicable procedures and instructions related to production processes.
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Transaction prints

In addition to simple personalization of letters, CPI - Centrum Prac Introligatorskich offers services related to printing of personalized documents, such as invoices, balance statements, requests for payments, etc.
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Mass mailing

Our offer related to direct marketing consists in direct messages intended for carefully selected individual customers, mostly by way of individual contact, in order to achieve a direct response.
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