Special packing

CPI - Centrum Prac Introligatorskich is a trusted brand in the dietary supplements and medicines packaging sector. It offers high quality tableting, encapsulating, packing, and labeling services.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Gocław near Garwolin. It was built in 2007 and since then, thanks to the high quality of services, competitive terms, flexibility, and reliability of business operations, it has steadily increased the number of customers.

Both the production volume and the lead times are adapted each time to meet the customer's requirements.
CPI - Centrum Prac Introligatorskich offers the service of customization and packaging of dietary supplements and medicines.

This service includes:

  • dosing of dietary supplements and medicines provided in bulk (pills, capsules, granulates, and syrups) in carboys or drums into primary unit packaging;
  • packaging of dietary supplements in outer packaging (boxes), secondary packaging (if requested), and transport packaging;
  • printing series numbers and dates on printed packaging materials, such as labels and boxes;
  • folding to size and adding leaflets;
  • other custom services required by the customers, such as preparation of promotional and special packagings.