Mass mailing

Our offer related to direct marketing consists in direct messages intended for carefully selected individual customers, mostly by way of individual contact, in order to achieve a direct response.

  • Production of mailing components, such as envelopes, letters, leaflets, brochures, folders, and coupons, on standard and non-standard materials, as well as mailing gadgets;
  • Personalization, addressing, and numbering of standard and non-standard formats;
  • Personalization of prints - addressing and applying on print materials of customized, variable information using roll laser printers, sheet laser printers (including address labels), or inkjet printers (touchless ink heads to apply variable information);
  • Addressing and numbering of standard and non-standard formats;
  • Optimization and management of databases - deduplication, removal of unnecessary data or providing missing data, and sorting according to the requirements of the post.
  • Handling of returns and complaints - Despite the most careful preparation, for various reasons some parcels do not reach their destinations and return to the sender. We enter the detailed information about each returned parcel in the database and we strive to learn the reasons so as to eliminate this from happening in the future.