Outsourcing - customizing

Packaging is often as important as its content. Packaging provides the first customer experience and often forms the customer's fixed opinion about your company. This applies not only to packaging of products, but also to all mail sent to customers by post. Unfortunately, if the packaging is defective, the bad impression stays for a long time...

The Manufacturing Department of CPI-Centrum Prac Introligatorskich is a well organized team whose objective is to meet the expectations of our customers.

We have comprehensive machinery in different technologies which enables us to perform a broad range of services with excellent flexibility and high efficiency.

Our highly trained personnel work in a two- or three-shift system. Our production staff is 50 experienced and trained workers. We have facilities, with the surface area of nearly 1,500 m2, that are designated and adapted specifically for co-packing. Such a large co-packing space, as well as our large warehouse, enables us to perform large-scale operations on as many as millions of articles.

We provide the following services:

  • packing and repacking of products into retail packaging or in collective packets;
  • and promotional sets;
  • printing and addressing shipping documents and invoices;
  • labeling and marking of finished products;
  • high-output mailing production;
  • packing in heat-shrink film;
  • printing of labels and bar codes;
  • packing and customizing medicines, food products, and chemical products;
  • gluing cartons and display packaging, folding of leaflets, affixing instructions, etc.;
  • packing of products for promotional purposes (display, duopack, gift baskets, holiday sets, heat-shrink packaging, etc.).